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Understanding Human Differences
Diversity Training

In order to work successfully in an organization one must understand that his or her way is not always the only way.  It is often the misunderstanding of others' motives and styles that causes conflict in the workplace and in our personal lives.  At Jackson, Wong & Associates we work with individuals and groups to promote understanding and tolerance of differences in behavioral styles and personalities.  Through this understanding we can show people how to use these differences to help instead of hinder.

Diversity ProgramsUnderstanding how people differ and utilizing these differences to enhance rather than to hinder is essential to organizational growth.  Components of these programs include:

  • Diversity Awareness
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Diversity Management
TeambuildingCohesiveness is the foundation of organizational success.  Factors in achieving cohesiveness include:
Group Dynamics
Developing powerful and productive teams by understanding and appreciating the strengths and needs of the individual team members.


  • cohesive executive management team
  • ad hoc teams
  • acquisitions and mergers
  • goals and objectives sessions

More than race relations. Awareness that people differ in many ways and allowing these differences to complement rather than to conflict.


  • mergers and acquisitions
  • expatriate work
  • minority initiatives

Conflict Resolution
Resolve conflict by isolating the root cause. Initially, we work separately with the individuals involved to identify their needs and expectations from others. During this phase we also provide a language and structure for describing and discussing behavior. Next, the conflicting parties are brought together for awareness and discussion of the reasons for the conflict and recognition of each other’s strengths and needs. Finally, an action plan is developed and agreed upon for working together and dealing with future conflict

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