Jackson, Wong & Associates, Inc. provides highly personalized Career Management and Outplacement services on a individual or group basis for all levels of your organization.  Whether it be for a senior executive, director, mid-level manager, hourly employee or salaried administrative support staff, our program is customized to meet both the your organizationís needs and the needs of those who are impacted by the transition process.  We offer:

  • One to Three day seminars

  • Career Center operations

  •  One to twelve month management and executive programs

These programs include:

  • Pre-termination and notification planning

  • On-site consultant support at time of notification

  •  Self and/or career assessment using The Birkman Method

  •  Resume development

  •  Job search training in:

  1. communication strategies

  2.  ways of finding employment opportunities

  3. networking

  4.  interviewing

  5.  negotiating techniques

  6. decision making

  • On-going consultation services to assist with emotions related to the job search, negotiation and decision making processes.

Benefits to the Company or Organizations

  • All programs customized to meet your needs and budget.

  • A professional, concerned and caring corporate image is realized.

  • Counsel and support is given throughout the termination process.

  • Resentment, anger and possible threats of legal action on the part of the terminated employee is greatly diminished.

 Benefits to the Employee

  • The employee deals with emotions surrounding the job loss in a constructive manner.

  • The employee learns to focus on new directions and employment opportunities.

  • The employee learns new job search skills and makes new contacts that can become valuable for career advancement.

  • The employee learns techniques to generate a high level of job search activity, which promotes rapid reemployment.

For further information contact Bill Soper at or at the address or phone below:

5025 Broughton Street, Roswell, GA 30075 - 770-643-8394