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Organizational Development
Organizational Assessment
Individual Assessment
Assembling Effective Teams
Manager Development
Succession Planning

Management Development Programs

Good project management and technical skills alone are not sufficient for making a good manager of people. Improved management skills allow managers and those they manage to "work smarter, not harder." Aspects of this program include:

  • Insight and People Skills

  • Building Cohesive Teams

  • Leadership Development

Succession Planning Programs

Planning for future organizational viability and success involves not only the selection of talented key individuals but their appropriate placement and development as well. Steps in this process include:

  • Identifying the Key Positions

  • Defining the Key Positions (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • Identifying the Suitable Candidates

  • Assessing Readiness of the Candidates

  • Developing and Coaching the Candidates

  • Selecting the Best Candidate