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Individual Growth and Development
Personal Insight
Stress Management
Executive Coaching & Development
Career Planning & Development

Personal Insight

Through personal interviews and our inventory of personality instruments, Jackson, Wong & Associates can pinpoint your behavior patterns and use this information to assist in developing you as an individual.  We will describe the environment in which you will be most effective, your key interests, your underlying needs and your internal motivators.   We can then discuss the behaviors that result from these forces, both good usual behaviors and negative stress behaviors.  Finally, specific suggestions will be made for creating your most comfortable and productive environment and for managing stress.  This information can be used to further develop your career and current lifestyle.

Stress Management

Stress can be a major factor in hindering an individual from reaching his or her full potential.  By determining your personal needs we can define the environment in which you will be most effective with the least amount of stress. 

Executive Development & Coaching

Productivity at higher levels in the organization can be increased by giving individual executives objective performance feedback, creating a developmental plan, and following up with personal coaching.

Applications include:

  • Accelerating the fast track executive

  • Enhancing the competent executive

  • Supporting the faltering executive

Career Planning & Development

As your expectations and outlook on life change your career needs may also require re-evaluation. This holds true for students seeking the optimum academic path, graduates entering the workforce or experienced professionals assessing their current work environment. Jackson, Wong & Associates can help individuals determine the career path that is right for them.

Jackson, Wong & Associates can offer you an excellent guide to your future.  We will pinpoint your areas of interest and needs.   Through understanding this information you can use it to choose a career that fits your profile or to reach your full potential in your current career.

Jackson, Wong & Associates uses the Birkman Method® to assist in career planning and development.  The Birkman Method® consists of a number of questions that provide an extensive, highly accurate portrait of your strengths, work habits, needs, stresses, behavioral styles and interests.  The Birkman Method® has been administered to over 1.5 million workers in 5,000 brand name organizations, and continually improved for more than 50 years.

The Birkman assessment® opens up a new world of opportunity, identifying hidden potential to fit changing times and tasks. It helps individuals understand, not underestimate, their strengths, and takes down any preconceived barriers that limit their personal achievement and career development within the organization. It provides for long term individual development and makes possible a continuing inventory of individual resources matched to changing opportunities - giving individuals and organizations a dynamic entrée to their future.

The Birkman Method Career Profile® will express possible career interests and work style in terms of one of the four quadrant colors. The accuracy of your profile depends on your own self-evaluations on the questionnaire.

Why use the Birkman Method® for Career Planning?

The Birkman Method® is far superior to other instruments used for similar purposes. Of the many reasons why Birkman is better, three are most notable:

  1. The Birkman Method® is the only instrument that does not assume that the way you act is also the way you want to be treated-in other words, that behavior does not necessarily equate with motivational needs.
  2. To put it simply: accuracy. Individuals and organizations that have used the Birkman Method® have found it to be astonishingly accurate.
  3. The Birkman Method® not only gives you information to help you better understand your career needs, it also tells you how closely your profile matches people in a wide variety of occupations.