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Organizational Focus
Mission, Vision, Goals
Roles and Responsibilities
Leadership Development

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Clarity and direction are paramount to developing and maintaining organizational focus.  Key aspects addressed in these planning sessions are:

  • Organizational Vision and Mission

  • Goals, Roles, and Responsibilities

Jackson, Wong & Associates will work with your organization to outline the mission, values, goals, roles and responsibilities.  Through this understanding we will work on developing a strategic plan that will help carry your organization into the future. 

Leadership Development

We assess the available talent, the organizational needs and explore the identified gaps in leadership.  We then work with the client to create a targeted program that will develop the talents of the individuals to best serve the organization.

Some of the tools available to us include:

Perception and opinion surveys (360) for individuals or the organization as a whole
In-depth interviews
Behavioral style and motivational needs testing
Problem solving style and ability testing
Other assessment tools as appropriate